By: Moshe Ben-Simon, CEO of TrapX Security

Over the last year, I don’t think I’ve met a company that didn’t move some of their network infrastructure to a cloud platform like AWS, AZURE, OpenStack, Google or something similar. Today, organizations that I never even considered as ones that will make this

Assuta hospitals proactively protects their patients’ data.

The reality is that we don’t live in a perfect world…

Somewhere out there lies a sick person. Weak, vulnerable and helpless, he seeks the best medical care he can find. While he’s lying unconscious, about to go under the knife, hackers who penetrated the

Let’s face it, most enterprises are already in the cloud. On-premise Data centers are lovely, but the cloud gives enterprises so many great features; once enterprises switch, they almost never go back.

The benefits of the cloud over traditional data centers include improved flexibility, automatic updates, no actual money has to

Cyber security teams in large enterprises are now understanding that they need an additional element of defense against:

a. Malware that continues to get smarter and more sophisticated
b. Gaps in security that stem from adoption of new IoT devices.

Let’s talk a little about advancement in malware strategies that hackers deploy against