Post by, Ori Bach, VP of Product.

As their dashboards lit up like Christmas trees, security teams had little doubt this was a priority 1 incident.

On regular days, the Traps produce little to no noise, so alert fatigue did not come into the equation.

The alerts told a simple story. A

Deception technology delivers unprecedented visibility into attacker activity

In today’s threat landscape, there’s no lack of challenges for CISOs and security teams as attacks on enterprise networks continue to reach record levels. Moreover, no matter how many carefully planned defenses are put in place, attackers will continue to find new ways

Post by, Hila Cohen - Security Researcher, TrapX Labs.

Ransomware attacks continue to increase rapidly worldwide, and they represent an increasingly significant threat to commercial and government IT operations. In the second half of 2016 alone, ransomware attacks increased by more than 100%.

The healthcare industry represents approximately 17% of U.S. gross

Post by, Moshe Ben-Simon and Nick Palmer

When we talk to customers about deception, increasingly they see it as a fresh approach to complement their existing security investments. Organizations have begun moving from the 9:1 ratio of prevention-to-detection toward the 6:4 ratio advocated by many security thought leaders. A deception infrastructure